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Resilience in Leadership

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To those companies who see the value of investing in leadership development, it is important to ensure these programs are not a one-time event and they provide practical tools and resources that will help them navigate through the daily challenges faced today. Leaders are balancing between being an effective coach to their teams while performing what is expected in their own role.

This article provides great insights on the importance of resilience for all team members, especially leaders.

One of the key points states, “Resilience, the ability to withstand and recover from difficult times in life or work, is a key component of creativity. With more people than ever before confronting obstacles like financial distress and physical illness on top of their daily lives – resilience becomes even more important for innovation to thrive.

There is a growing body of research, which indicates a link between overcoming adversity and being more resilient later on in life. This exposure could mean that those exposed to considerable adversity, find it easier to think creatively when faced with difficult problems. Having this skill allows people to become innovative and creative in tough situations.

Scroll down to the end of the article, to check out the overview of the qualities of a resilient leader and the questionnaire for you to assess your own resilience. The article also includes ways to practice be a resilient leader which can lead to better decision making and more innovation.

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