Consult HR Partners Service is Our Differentiator


We strive to exceed the expectations of every client by breaking barriers and changing the game.  Consult HR Partners offers a wide range of operational and strategic human capital services and outsourcing solutions to help maintain and grow your business. 


Regardless of  your size Company, our Consultants have deep knowledge and expertise in developing strategies to help acquire, develop and retain an engaged employee culture. 


Our Consultants have specialized and practical HR experience working with start-up, fast growing, and/or newly acquired  companies in both the private and public sector including non-profit across gaming technology, retail, hospitality and entertainment, municipalities, healthcare, real-estate, manufacturing and landscaping.  

We can be an extension of YOUR existing team to augment an existing high workload OR we can become your HR team if your Company is operating without dedicated HR staff.

Solutions Tailored to our Clients


We can take on your day-to-day HR needs such as recruitment, offer letters, background and on-boarding processes, HR audits, internal investigations, HR and Payroll technology solutions to automate and go paperless, legally required training programs, employee handbooks, and many more compliance services through our 1st tier solutions called,  "One-Stop-HR".    

Our 2nd tier solutions include best in class Hire to Retire Lifecycle Programs and Playbooks to help grow, retain and engage your best talent.   Our customized tools are designed to implement in a quick and efficient manner.  Areas of expertise are recruitment and on-boarding programs, compensation and benefits planning, payroll and human capital systems, diversity and inclusion initiatives and culture and engagement programs.

Our 3rd tier solutions "Organizational Design and Training and Development  Support" helps our clients facilitate organizational change, achieve their vision and optimize performance and productivity to achieve a financial return and bottom line results.  

Our Approach


From the President & CEO

Jennifer Martinez

Our approach is simple…we listen and act as true partners through the Exceptional Service and Expertise of our Consultants in support of your profit and risk management goals.     

We closely align to our clients to learn their business model and employee culture from start to finish focusing on understanding their needs while producing effective strategies and designing high quality and scalable solutions that are sustainable.  


Our Consultants are down to earth, highly collaborative and commit to a project management approach, so our clients can track progress and measure our results.

And finally, we’re available to help you navigate even the most difficult human resources issues or organizational challenges, so please email or give us a call.


Consult HR Brochure

Consult HR Partners Solutions and Services are outlined in the brochure, so please download.

Consult HR Partners' Brochure (pdf)