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Consult HR Partners announces a new ‘solutions oriented’ website, designed with ADA accessibility features in mind

Screenshot of home page of new Consult HR Partners' Website Homepage

Consult HR Partners (CHRP) is excited to announce a brand-new website with amazing accessibility features provided by Visitors can instantly redesign our website to better meet their individual accessibility needs.

Here is our Press Release with the announcement:


Sarasota, FL, April 19, 2022 — Consult HR Partners (CHRP), a Florida- and Nevada-based HR Solutions Provider, launched a new website,, designed to spotlight their core Human Resources services with continuous and thoughtful consideration of the site’s accessibility and usability during every step of the design process.

“We recently redesigned our website with the express goal of making our site content more ‘digestible’ and HR solutions-focused while being mindful about the laws and requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act,” stated Jennifer Martinez, CEO and Founder of Consult HR Partners. “We wanted to ensure that our site was extremely user-friendly plus more accessible for all of our clients and visitors, especially for those with disabilities,” added Martinez.

Martinez chose Digital Marketing Agency for the redesign since they had extensive experience working with Human Resources Departments and Associations on a national basis. As an added bonus, they were also the creators of, a website accessibility software, so ADA Compliance was a natural, automatic, and integral part of their design process.

“We wanted their website to better reflect the dynamic nature of Human Resources and particularly highlight their ‘Solutions-Oriented’ approach to HR,” stated Barry Lippold, Managing Director of Nth Degree Group. “Diversity, inclusion, and accessibility are always at the forefront of our design process, so that fits in well with HR in general. Additionally, we wanted the CHRP site to not only reflect the diversity of their clients, but also to reflect the diversity of the employees of the clients they serve,” added Lippold.

Consult HR Partners’ new website includes integrated ADA Compliance Software (, allowing site visitors with disabilities and/or visual impairments to quickly tailor and change design elements of the website, making more accessible and personalized for their individual needs.

Consult HR Partners, LLC (CHRP) is a nationally recognized woman-owned boutique consultancy firm dedicated to providing full-service operational and strategic Human Resources outsourcing solutions and services.

Owner and founder Martinez assembled a team of collaborative and highly regarded HR professionals who have worked across the public, private, and non-profit sectors including healthcare, city government, real estate, entertainment, sports, online retail, technology, gaming, restaurants, and hospitality, many globally.

Her team has decades of experience working with companies at all levels: Start-ups, Fast Growing, Established Companies, and even firms undergoing the due diligence and HR integration planning process during active mergers and acquisitions. This extensive experience allows the CHRP team to advise and support organizations that have limited or no in-house HR. Consult HR Partners are often engaged to augment an existing HR team that may not have the resources or subject matter expertise, especially in the area of total rewards planning including compensation, benefits, and other programs to attract and retain great talent.

For more information, testimonials, or to inquire for a free consultation, please visit, email, or call Jennifer Martinez at (702) 358-3603.

The Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) was passed in 1990 and prohibits discrimination against people with disabilities, ensuring that they have equal rights and opportunities. ADA Accessibility guidelines reach beyond a business’ physical location(s) into its digital properties as well, most notably its business’ website. Nth Degree Group’s ADACompliaSite software assists websites in following Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), the de facto standards applied when legally determining whether a website is accessible or not. Visit for pricing and more information, or to order a free accessibility report on your website.

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Audrey Robles
3230 Southgate Circle #123
Sarasota, FL 34239

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